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O Philip quer vir visitar-me.
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drop by
Philip wants to drop by to see me.
Podes deixar-me na estação?
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drop off
Can you drop me off at the station?
ficar para trás
O primeiro carro começou a ficar para trás.
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fall behind
The first car started to fall behind.
Precisas de completar a tua solicitação de visa.
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fill out
You need to fill out the visa application.
Os rumores do namoro deles diminuiu.
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die down
The rumors about them dating died down.
O Mike apareceu para me ver antes do trabalho.
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drop in
Mike dropped in to see me before work.
Os franceses gostam de se arranjar para sair.
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dress up
French people like to dress up when going out.
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