Conjugation of Regular Verbs - Indicative mode

Conjugation of Regular Verbs - Indicative mode
Learn how to conjugate Portuguese verbs with VocApp!

Have you started learning Portuguese? Are you studying verbs conjugation and find it very difficult?
Portuguese verbs can be very complicated, but we made it so you can learn them very easily!
With this course you will learn how to conjugate regular verbs in the Indicative Mode! In all the tenses!
So stick with us at VocApp and improve your Portuguese language skills!
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Learning portuguese with Vocapp. It will help you to say much more than "Obrigado"

Before taking this course you probably already know how to say thank you in portuguese, right? Some Portuguese words are very famous worldwide but do you actually know that Portuguese is spoken in a lot more places than you may think. A World language resource estimates that there are over 236 million Portuguese native speakers in the world which means that portuguese is actually more spoken than languages like German (about 79 million native spears) and French (about 76 million). Despite being the sixth most widely spoken language,it's actually not ranked as one of the most studied languages.That's the opportunity you have to get apart from masses and learn this beautiful language in the best way with Vocapp.

With this course on Regular verbs in the indicative mode,you can learn 5 minutes a day Portuguese verbs and remember 90% of the Portuguese verb conjugation you learnt thanks to the spaced repetition system. The Indicative mode is used when you want to express a fact or some kind of certain action when it refers to the present, past and future. Hard to understand? Yeah, it may seem to be difficult but let's say that basically the regular verbs in the indicative mode will be used only when it refers to action that got 100% of chances to happen or come true.

Interesting facts about the Portuguese language

• There are over 5 million native Portuguese speakers in Africa!!! Portugal was very good at the real life edition of this board game "WAR"

• Do you know what language is spoken in Brazil? Yes they don't speak Spanish!! Brazil was actually colonized by Portugal

• Actually only 5% of Portuguese speakers live in Portugal. The majority live in Brazil

• Portuguese is very influenced by Arabic!! Hundreds ofportuguese words come from Arabic, especially those which start with "al", such as Algarve.

• Galician (laguage spoken in the northwest of Spain) is so similiar to Portuguese that speakers of either language can generally understand each other with minimal effort.

Brazilian portuguese is actually a variant of the European Portuguese and some common words got actually a totally diferent meaning in each countries!! Take care of saying "rapariga" in Brazil!!

Stay tuned and improve your vocabulary with our courses!!!

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