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Que vestido tens hoje?
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have on
What dress do you have on today?
O trabalho consiste em distribuir material promocional.
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hand out
The job involves handing out promotional material.
receber (alguém) em casa
Vamos receber o Ben e a sua família em casa.
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have over
We're having Ben and his family over.
Ela desligou quando tentei explicar a situação.
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hang up
She hanged up when I tried to explain the situation.
A Kaitlyn atirou-se à primeira oferta de emprego.
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jump at
Kaitlyn jumped at the first job opportunity.
Afasta-te da minha filha se não queres problemas!
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keep away
Keep away from my daughter if you don't want problems!
Quanto tempo é que achas que ele vai resistir?
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hold out
How long do you think he'll hold out?
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