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ler acerca
Por favor, leiam acerca da crise global antes da aula.
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read up on
Please read up on global crisis before the lesson.
Escolhe a camisola que queres.
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pick out
Pick out the shirt you want.
Destaca a cidade que queres ver.
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point out
Point out the city you wish to see.
ir buscar
Podes ir buscar a Irene à escola?
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pick up
Could you pick Irene up from school?
Por favor, apanha a garrafa e coloca-a no lixo.
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pick up
Please pick up the bottle and throw it in the trash.
Nós adiámos o encontro até domingo.
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put off
We put off the date till Sunday.
Guarda algumas cerejas de lado para o bolo.
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put away
Put some cherries away for the cake.
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