500 most important French verbs 51 - 75

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to stop by
He stopped by for a coffee.
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passer voir
Il est passé me voir pour un café.
to avoid
Why is everybody avoiding me?
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Pourquoi tout le monde m'évite?
to propose
What do you propose?
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Qu'est-ce que tu proposes?
to seem
She seems sick.
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avoir l'air
aussi: sembler
Elle a l'air malade.
to look alike
You look a lot like your sister.
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Tu ressembles beaucoup à ta sœur.
to cough
My husband was caughing so loudly that he woke me up.
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Mon mari toussait si fort qu'il m'a réveillé.
to burst
She burst into laughter when she saw her new glasses.
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Elle a éclaté de rire quand elle a vu ses nouvelles lunettes.
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