500 most important French verbs 476 - 500

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to annoy
This music annoys me.
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Cette musique m'agace.

to publish
I will publish my article in the newspaper.
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Je vais publier mon article dans un journal.

to bow
Bow before your king!
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attention: to bow (for the respect) ≠ to lean forward → se pencher
Inclinez-vous devant votre roi!

to reinforce
We cemented the base of the walls to reinforce them.
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Nous avons cimenté la base des murs pour les renforcer.

to survive
This person survived the accident in Portugal.
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Cette personne a survécu à l'accident au Portugal.

to interrogate
The policeman interrogated the suspect.
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"La police a interrogé le témoin.

to reign
also: to rule
The king reigned over a large territory.
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Le roi régnait sur un grand territoire.

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