500 most important French verbs 201 - 225

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to wait
I'm sorry, but you have to wait a moment.
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Je suis désolé mais tu dois attendre un moment.
to conclude
also: to finalize sth
He concluded being a doctor wasn't his calling.
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Il a conclu que la profession de médecin n'était pas sa vocation.
to regret
I regret having abandoned you.
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Je regrette de t'avoir abandonné.
to abandon
also: to drop/give up
Some people have abandoned our company.
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Certaines personnes ont abandonnés notre entreprise.
to penetrate
Our strategy is to penetrate the European market.
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Notre stratégie est de pénétrer le marché européen.
to smile
I really like you when you smile.
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Je t'aime beaucoup quand tu souris.
to invite
I'd like to invite you to my birthday party.
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Je voudrais t'inviter à ma fête d'anniversaire.
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