500 most important French verbs 126 - 150

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to peel
I hate peeling potatoes.
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Je déteste éplucher les pommes de terre.
to mean
also: stand for
What does this symbol mean?
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Qu'est-ce que signifie ce symbole?
to disobey
If you disobey the orders, you'll get fired.
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Si tu désobéis aux ordres, tu seras licencié.
to convince
I didn't manage to convince my parents.
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Je n'ai pas réussi à convaincre mes parents.
to transform
Friendship often transforms into love.
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Souvent l'amitié se transforme en amour.
to record
Our conversation will be recorded.
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Notre conversation sera enregistrée.
to reflect
The moon reflects sunlight.
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La lune reflète la lumière du soleil.
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