500 most important French verbs 401 - 425

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to lie down
I don't feel well. I'd like to lie down for 10 minutes.
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Je ne me sens pas bien. Je voudrais m'allonger pour dix minutes.
to dance
I would like to learn how to dance the tango.
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Je voudrais apprendre à danser le tango.
to run
I like running.
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J'aime courir.
to emphasize
It's important to emphasize one's qualities.
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Il est important d'accentuer ses qualités.
to underline
My sister underlined the most important sentences.
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Ma sœur a soulignée les phrases les plus importantes.
to cross
You can't cross the street here.
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Tu ne peux pas traverser la rue ici.
to verify
also: to check
I have to verify your pocket.
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Je dois vérifier votre poche.
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