2. Pierwsze spotkania. Gdzie mieszkasz? - miasto i wi...

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wziąć kredyt hipoteczny
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take a mortgage
we are going to take a mortgage to buy a home
nie stać Cię, żeby kupić
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you can't afford to buy
if you can't afford to buy a phone I can borrow you some money
na zachód od Krakowa
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west of Krakow
we live about 100 kms west of Cracow
zmienić, przekształcić
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we are going to alter kids room
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amenities, equipment
it was renovated in '90 with all the expected amenities
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strong wind snatch the door of the hinges
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snatch off
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you should put some oil on the creaky door
do wzięcia
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up for grabs
i assume that the master bedroom is up for grabs
zaklepać coś
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call dibs on something
I call dibs on the biggest bed
wypielęgnowany trawnik
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manicured lawn
my brother in law has very manicured lawn
urządzenie AGD
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their bought expensive appliances to new home
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she was unloading this truck all by herself
szpara, pęknięcie w
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crack, crack in
i remember watching her thorough the crack in my door
zamieszkać z nim
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live with him
he's asking me to come live with him
nad tobą (mieszkać)
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upstairs from you/ above you (live)
I live upstairs from you
rozkręcić, rozmontować
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I had to disassemble bunk beds becaus Zoe fell out of bed
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for the time of renovation, we occupy a small apartment
łóżko piętrowe
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a bunk bed
Mat and Zoe share a room and they are sleep in bunk beds
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horses lives in barn
opiekować się domem pod nieobecność właściciela
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my sister's family are leaving for holiday so I will house-sitting for them
media (prąd, gaz)
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utilities (electricity, gas)
we have to pay utilities: water, gas, electricity
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if you have an extra room in your own place you can rent it to a lodger
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if you own an extra house you can rent it out to tenants
osiedle strzeżone ze szlabanem
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guarded estate with a barrier, gated community with a barrier
spłacać go w ratach
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pay it off in installments
we will pay a bank loan in installments for 30 years
na całe gardło
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at the top of my lungs
I screamed at the top of my lungs but nobody hear me
na szybko, bez zastanowienia, pierwsza myśl
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of the top of my head
I never know off the top of my head where is Pakistan
kradziony AmE sl
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hot AmE sl
this stuff ain't hot, is it?
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extensive, expansive
we have expansive terrace in our flat in Zalesie
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in my son's room is a bit of disarray
tak jakby
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sort of
this apartment has got a yard. sort of
niespotykany / niezwykły
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unusual / uncommon
this kind of bird are extremely uncommon in Poland
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we live on Zalesie district
proszę podnieść / opuścić szlaban
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please raise / lower the barrier
potrzebujemy więcej miejsca do przechowywania
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we need more storage room
czuj się jak u siebie
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feel at home
dzień przeprowadzki
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Moving day
pozbyć się rupieci
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get rid of clutter
szafa na kurtki
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coat closet
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walk-in closet
there is a hall with a coat closet as well as a walk-in closet
jak również
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as well as
aneks kuchenny
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a kitchen area
there is a living-room with a kitchen area
wchodzić po schodach
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go up the stairs, climb the stairs
people prefer use the elevator/lift then climb the stairs
kaltka schodowa
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there is also a staircase but it is hardly ever used
parking podziemny
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underground parking garage
there is a very convinient underground parking garage in our building
wspominać, przypomnieć sobie
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I recall that day as a nightmare
drżeć na myśl o czymś
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dread sth
I dread about snakes
rozłożyć się
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to spread out
teh weight of the coffin spread out over 4 people
ciężar, obciążenie
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hiking is a burden on the human body
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my mom caught me sleepwalking a few times

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