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It was a gripping drama, I couldn't take my eyes off it.
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a gripping film, story etc is very exciting and interesting

They produced a touching story.
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making you feel sad, sympathetic, or grateful

He felt it was a little creepy the way she spoke to him.
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making you feel nervous and slightly frightened
sinistro, arrepiante

The story was fast-paced it was hard to keep up with it at times.
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quick moving

I can't watch gory films because they make my stomach turn.
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involving a lot of violence and blood
sangrento, violento the gory details os detalhes sórdidos

When she heard the explosion she became hysterical.
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unable to control your behaviour or emotions because you are very excited, angry, afraid, etc
histérico; (informal) engraçadíssimo

The site of the new road has been a controversial issue.
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causing a lot of disagreement among people
polémico, controverso

Don't keep us in suspense! What happened?
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the feeling you have when waiting for something exciting to happen

He gave an outstanding performance.
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excellent and impressive
excecional; marcante [característica, exemplo]

This book about the war is very thought-provoking
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a thought-provoking book, film, etc makes you think deeply about the subject of the film, book, etc
estimulante; que dá que pensar

Students are under intense pressure to succeed.
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extreme or very great
intenso, profundo

I thought the joke was rather offensive.
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likely to offend anyone
ofensivo para alguém, repugnante

Plans for the motorway created quite a stir among locals.
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a feeling of excitement or annoyance
to cause a stir causar alvoroço

It was a ground-breaking play.
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groundbreaking work involves making new discoveries, using new methods etc
inovador revolucionário pioneiro pioneira

rave review
The book got rave reviews in its first week.
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an article in a newspaper or magazine that gives a very positive opinion about a new book, play, film etc
boas críticas

The concert was expected to be a sell-out.
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a performance, sports game etc for which all the tickets have been sold
Referente a um espetáculo The concert was a sellout. Os bilhetes do concerto esgotaram-se.

There’s been a lot of media hype surrounding this movie.
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when something is talked about a lot on television, in the newspapers etc, to make it seem good or important
publicidade [sensacionalista]

The end of the book was a real letdown.
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something that disappoints you because it is not as good as you expected
(informal) deceção, desilusão

The show’s first series was a complete flop.
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a film, show, plan, or product that is not successful

I went through mainstream education.
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the most usual ideas or ways of doing something that are accepted by most people
the mainstream a tendência dominante

She likes playing alternative roles in films.
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deliberately different from what is usual, expected, or traditional

It's the must-see performance of the year.
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highly recommended as worth seeing
vista obrigatória; obrigatório ver

Have you ever played the drums?
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a musical instrument made of skin stretched over a circular frame, played by hitting it with your hand or a stick

acoustic guitar
She sang one of the songs on the album with just the acoustic guitar.
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an acoustic guitar or other musical instrument does not have its sound made louder electronically
an acoustic guitar uma guitarra acústica

bass guitar
The bass guitar often gives the beat of the music.
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an electric guitar with four strings, that plays low notes

The fiddle is a common instrument in celtic music.
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a violin

He wanted to play the cello from a young age.
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a large wooden musical instrument that you hold between your knees and play by pulling a bow across the strings

grand piano
The grand piano was in the centre of the orchestra.
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the type of large piano often used in concerts
piano de cauda

Trombones are loud brass instruments.
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a large metal musical instrument that you play by blowing into it and sliding a long tube in and out

It looks easy to play the flute, but it isn't.
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a musical instrument like a thin pipe that you play by holding it across your lips and blowing over a hole

The clarinets are wind instruments.
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a wooden musical instrument like a long black tube that you play by blowing into it

I play the harp at wedding receptions.
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a large musical instrument with strings stretched across a frame with three corners, which you play with your fingers

My brother can play the saxophone.
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a curved musical instrument made of metal that you play by blowing into it and pressing buttons, used especially in jazz

blow your own trumpet
Our manager is blowing his own trumpet again, even though we did most of the work.
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to talk positively about yourself
(literalmente: soprar o seu próprio trompete), que significa alguém que fala demais sobre suas conquistas, alguém que faz uma grande propaganda de si mesmo.

play second fiddle
I always play second fiddle so no one notices me.
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to take a less important role
relegado para segundo plano

change your tune
I needed to change my tune after Ann told me the truth about Jim.
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to suddenly take a different perspective
mudar de registo

for a song
These jeans are great and I bought them for a song!
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very cheaply
ao preço da banana ou da uva mijona

ring a bell
The name rings a bell but I don't remember the face.
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remind somebody of something, sound familiar
fazer lembrar de algo ou alguém; soar como algo familiar

face the music
I went home to face the music.
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to experience the results of something bad you have done
sofrer as consequências

fiddle with
She was in the living room, fiddling with a deck of cards.
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to keep moving and touching something, especially because you are bored or nervous
fuçar [v] mexer no, brincar com, tocar violino, mexer com

drum up
She travelled throughout America drumming up support for the election.
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to get support, interest, attention etc from people by making an effort

peace and quiet
All I want is some peace and quiet.
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when everything is quiet and calm

on and off
He’s been smoking for ten years now, on and off.
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for short periods but not regularly over a long period of time
dentro e fora ligado e desligado intermitentemente activa ou desactiva

ups and downs
Every marriage has its ups and downs.
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the good and bad things that happen in life, business etc
altos e baixos

sick and tired
I'm sick and tired of your excuses!
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angry or bored with something that has been happening for a long time
de saco cheio de fazer alguma coisa, “por aqui” mesmo. cansado, farto ou exausto.

through and through
He's a typical Englishman through and through.
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completamente a palmos a palmo

give and take
In any relationship, there has to be some give and take.
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if there is give and take between two people, each person agrees to do some of the things that the other person wants
dar e receber

rough and ready
The tests are only a rough and ready guide to a pupil’s future development.
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not perfect, but good enough for a particular purpose

now and then
I hear from him every now and then.
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de quando em quando ocasionalmente

the pros and cons
When you're choosing a savings account, it's good to weigh up the pros and cons.
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the advantages and disadvantages of something, which you consider when making a decision about it
os prós e os contras

in leaps and bounds
His Spanish has improved in leaps and bounds since he moved to Madrid.
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very much, very quickly
muito rapidamente, a largas passadas

sooner or later
He’s bound to find out sooner or later.
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used to say that something will definitely happen but you are not sure when
mais cedo ou mais tarde

take it or leave it
That's the deal - take it or leave it.
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an offer has been made and it's non negotiable and will not change
pegar ou largar

sink or swim
They don’t give you a lot of guidance – you’re just left to sink or swim, really.
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to succeed or fail without help from anyone else
ou você afunda (não faz nada) ou nada (toma uma atitude). Em outras palavras, você tem de se virar sozinho

give or take
The walk is about 10 kilometres - give or take a kilometre.
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to within a specific amount
quando queremos dizer que um número, valor ou hora é aproximado, e não deve ser considerado como exato.

all or nothing
It was an all or nothing decision.
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having no middle position or compromise available
tudo ou nada

life or death
It felt like a life or death decision and really important for my future.
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extremely important
uma questão de vida ou morte

hit or miss
It was hit or miss whether they'd make it in time for the party.
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as likely to be unsuccessful as successful

one way or another
The bills have to be paid one way or another.
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using any ​method ​possible, somehow
de um modo ou outro

The boys are about the same height.
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how tall someone or something is

What’s the length of the room?
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the distance from one end of something to the other end

When did they widen the road?
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to become wider, or to make something wider

Can you see the different thicknesses of the old stone walls?
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how thick something is
espessura, grossura

The road narrows here.
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to become narrower, or to make something narrower

No one could equal Dr Brenninger’s breadth of knowledge.
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the distance from one side of something to the other
extensão, amplitude

The lake has an average depth of six to eight metres.
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the distance from the top of something to the bottom of it

Can I have these photos enlarged?
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if you enlarge something, or if it enlarges, it gets bigger

Smoking shortens your life.
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to become shorter, or to make something shorter

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