Whiteley Reading_Drawing Conclusions

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Sam's hastily written essay contained many errors.
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moving or acting with speed
Julie was elated when she learned she had been accepted into the first choice college.
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very happy or proud
The large dog took a menacing step toward the frightened burglar.
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something that threatens to cause harm or injury
Sally gawked at the peculiar man walking a purple giraffe down the street.
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to gape or stare at something, often openly and in a way that makes you look silly
Only an expert could spot the subtle differences between the real painting and the forgery.
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difficult to understand; not obvious
The little girl fretted over her torn and muddy dress.
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to become annoyed or worried
It is important that you be vigilant and protect your heart from the enemy.
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watchful and alert, especially to guard against danger
The teacher went over the classroom rules in a clear and decisive manner.
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able to make decisions quickly and confidently
Derrick's haughty attitude made him an undesirable friend.
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having or showing great pride in oneself; proud; arrogant
The two climbers crossed the narrow ledge cautiously.
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in a careful way


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