Week 6 Inheritance Vector, ArrayList and LinkedList

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What are some of the problems of array structures?
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all elements must be same type, number of elements predetermined, inefficent

what does ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException message indicate?
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you are making reference to an array index that is larger or smaller than the actual array.

what is a Vector
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the vector class in java is a kind of list that can grow as needed

What is a linkedList
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A linked list is a data structure that consists of a sequence of nodes, where each node contains some data and the address of the next node.

what will happen when you add an 11th item to: Vector(10);
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the vector will double its allocated space

when would you use a vector?
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if a thread-safe implementation is needed

if a thread-safe implementation is not needed what class would you use inplace of vector?
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are linked lists synchronised or unsynchronised?
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what code do you use to rentern the number of items in an array list?
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int size();

what does Object get(int index); do for ArrayLists?
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//returns element at index without removing it

what does Object remove(int index) do for ArrayLists?
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//removes element at index and shifts up rest

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