Week 5 Hierarchy, Inheritance, Superclasses and Subclasses

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Inheritance goes from generalised to specialised. t/f?
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Describe inheritance using the is-a relationship concept
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means that one class is a subclass of another. For example, a dog is a mammal, in other words a Dog class is a subclass of Mammals class.

descri aggregation using the has-a relationship concept
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a dog has a leg (usually more than one). If in class Dog we declare a member variable of type Leg (another class) we don’t have inheritance, we have a has-a relationship (aggregation).

can we combine is-a and has-a relationships?
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yes eg:, a dog is-a mammal and it has-a leg/s

What does a subclass constructor look like
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public class Dog extends Mammals {private Leg [] legs; /* Leg is a class and legs is an array of objects of this type */ ...}

Does a subclass inherit all members of its parent class and predecesorclasses?
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No, private variables and methods are not inherited.

what is the word super used for?
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to refer hidden variables and overridden methods of the superclass

When can a subclass directly access super class members
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if they are declared publoc protected or default and are in the same package

does a subclass inherit data fields automatically?
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does a subclass inherit data fields auto in English

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