Use of English. 2 (CAE)

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She was concentrating on her book and his voice startled her. The noise of the car startled the birds and the whole flock flew up into the air. Her article on diet startled many people into changing their eating habits.
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A large Roman settlement has been discovered just outside the French town. Many Native Americans were killed during the settlement of the American West by Europeans in the 19th century.
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osada; a place where people come to live or the process of settling in such a place
slouch (around)
Bad posture normally starts in our teenage years when we slouch around with our mates trying to look cool.
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garbić (wokół)
This attack will exacerbate the already tense relations between the two communities.
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zaostrzyć; to make something that is already bad even worse
revive (in)
to revive someone's hopes/confidence/fortunes My plants revived as soon as I gave them some water. A hot shower and a cup of tea will revive you. Traditional skills are being revived.
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wskrzesić; to come or bring something back to life, health, existence, or use:
a tempting offer That pie looks very tempting. [+ to infinitive ] It's tempting to blame video games for violent behaviour in young men.
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kuszący; If something is tempting, you want to do or have it
commendable efforts/behaviour/bravery
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chwalebny; deserving price
Nothing will stop them in their quest for truth. She went to India on a spiritual quest. [+ to infinitive ] She does aerobics four times a week in her quest to achieve the perfect body.
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poszukiwanie; a long search for something that is difficult to find, or an attempt to achieve something difficult
The evening was a lavish affair with glorious food and an endless supply of champagne. The lavish production makes this musical truly memorable.
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rozrzutny; large in quantity and expensive or impressive; very generous
The inert figure of a man could be seen lying in the front of the car.
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obojętny; not moving or not able to move:

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