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What's the purpose of making new friends?
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Not only will you enjoy a free and really efficient lesson, but also have an opportunity to meet an interesting person or find out about something interesting.

How can I encourage people to have long chats with me?
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Smile, be kind and open-minded.

How to be polite not using sophisticated words?
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Use formal "Вы" when you speak to someone new, use "пожалуйста" whenever you ask for something,

How to ask in Russian?
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For questions which do NOT contain a question word the intonation rises on the word in question and then drops and levels off for the rest of the sentence.

How to practice efficiently the skills you already possess?
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What is really vital, is to touch base with the real living language (oral and written).

How can I gain some additional time for practice?
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Use your smartphone e.g. as you are waiting in the line or travelling by bus.

What is worth taking with you when you travel abroad?
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A smartphone with a map, dictionary and the VocApp:)

How to expand your vocabulary?
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Listen to Russian songs, watch series.

How can you add your own vocabulary?
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Select "+ create" or "+" (on your mobile app)

How to create your own words?
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You can type a text (you'll have it translated by VocApp), dictate or paste it (you'll have the most important vocabulary extracted and converted into flashcards by VocApp), you can also use a photo...

When you miss a word.
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Try to show it:-)

What is the best way to describe things we don't know how to name?
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Indicate the most similar object and explain the difference.

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