Talking about current events - Runājot par pašreizējiem notikumiem

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Are you interested in cricket / basketball / football?
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Vai jūs interesē krikets/basketbols/futbols?
What's your puppy's name?
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Kā sauc jūsu kucēnu?
You've grown a beard.
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Jūs esat izaudzējis bārdu.
How about Borussia Dortmund? Do you think they're going to win tonight?
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Kā ar Borussia Dortmund? Kā jūs domājat vai viņi šodien uzvarēs?
What is the minimum wage in Latvia?
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Kāda ir minimālā alga Latvijā?
Are you keeping up with American election?
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Vai jūs sekojat līdzi Amerikas vēlēšanām?
Nice day to be outside, isn't it?
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Jauka diena, lai to pavadītu ārā, vai ne?
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