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Latvian for travelling
Planning to visit Latvia soon? Learn the most useful vocabulary now!

Over 400 Latvian words and phrases to travel by plane, train, ferry, etc.
Bonus lessons with tips to use when visiting Latvia
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Plane - Ceļojot ar lidmašīnuPlane - Ceļojot ar lidmašīnu  
45 flashcards
Car - Ceļojot ar automašīnuCar - Ceļojot ar automašīnu  
39 flashcards
Hitchhiking - Ceļojot ar autostopuHitchhiking - Ceļojot ar autostopu  
10 flashcards
Long-distance bus - Ceļojot ar tālsatiksmes autobusuLong-distance bus - Ceļojot ar tālsatiksmes autobusu  
24 flashcards
City bus - Ceļojot ar pilsētas autobusuCity bus - Ceļojot ar pilsētas autobusu  
17 flashcards
Train - Ceļojot ar vilcienuTrain - Ceļojot ar vilcienu  
33 flashcards
Ferry - Ceļojot ar prāmiFerry - Ceļojot ar prāmi  
10 flashcards
Hiking - Dodoties pārgājienāHiking - Dodoties pārgājienā  
26 flashcards
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Baltic wonderland!

The Baltic states have been waiting for you to visit and you chose Latvia! You will have a great time in this Baltic country. A small country with a small population but with plenty of things to do you won’t be bored in Latvia. Walking around the old city of the Riga is always pleasant or maybe you prefer to hike around the many forests and national parks in the country or even take a stroll on its sandy beaches. It’s all waiting for you!

Your plans to visit Latvia are almost done but you still need to learn some Latvian! Even though English is widely spoken it doesn’t hurt to learn some Latvian language before going. Our Latvian language course will make your visit to Latvia a piece of cake.

Latvian vocabulary you need to know

  • 1. If you visit Latvia during summer you’ll have to know how to ask where is the beach in Latvian.
  • 2. If you visit Latvia during winter you need to know how to ask to rent skiing equipment in the Latvian language.
  • 3. Maybe you’re walking through one of their quaint cities and need to ask a stranger where the closest restroom is in their Baltic language.
  • 4. What if you’re at a restaurant tasting some Latvian cuisine and need to ask for the check? What will you do without this Latvian language course for tourism?
  • 5. By the end of your trip, you will surely want to buy a nice Latvian made liquor or souvenir so start this Latvian course for tourism purposes and you will know how to persuade for lower prices at shops.

Don’t worry or panic, our Baltic language course is designed to make your trip an easy and memorable one!

Latvian made easy!

This Latvian language course was designed by Latvian experts therefore; you will definitely learn the most important words and phrases. VocApp has an easy to use design as well as a sure-fire way to help you learn Latvian! Not only will you get spelling and illustration of the word or phrase but also the pronunciation, this combination will make it easy to remember!

You are being very smart by preparing yourself with some Latvian knowledge before you visit! If you want to feel wiser and strike up a conversation with a native speaker then try this next course - Small talk in Latvian.