Shut up and talk: Work

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get to something
It's high time to get to the new superior algorithm.
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wziąć cos na warsztat
to be in charge of
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być odpowiedzialny za
to work shifts
In some jobs, you have to work shifts.
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pracować na zmiany
If there wasn't money, there would be a barter.
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handel wymienny
working conditions
What are working conditions like in your country?
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warunki pracy
do for a living
What do you do for a living?
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do for work
What do you do for work?
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work my way into something
I'll work my way into ML gradually.
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angazuje sie w cos
pay rise
I wish I had pay rise before Christmas.
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minimum wage
Hopefully, the minimum wage is going up.
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płaca minimalna
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living on my own
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żyć na własną rękę
think outside the box
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myśleć poza schematem
selling like hot cakes
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sprzedaje się jak ciepłe bułeczki
keep up with demand
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nadążyć za popytem
win-win situation
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sytuacja, w której każdy wygrywa
bring publicity
Collaboration with this celebrity brings publicity to our brand.
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przynieść rozgłos
off the top of my head
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na oko
crunch the numbers
After crunching the numbers I decided not to buy a new Macbook.
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robic duzo obliczeń
don't react well to/have a low tolerance for
If I had to work shifts, my body wouldn't react well.
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nie reagują dobrze na / mają niską tolerancję

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