Real estate - acts of law; forms of holding; basic terms

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nieruchomość (sama)
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real property

"nieruchomość z prawami do niej"
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real estate

Ustawa o gospodarce nieruchomościami
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Act on real estate trading and management

Ustawa Prawo spółdzielcze
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Act on cooperatie building societies

Ustawa o spółdzielniach mieszkaniowych
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Act on housing cooperatives

Ustawa o księgach wieczystych i hipotece
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Act on land and mortgage register and mortgages

Ustawa o ochronie praw lokatorów, mieszkaniowym zasobie gminy i o zmianie Kodeksu cywilnego
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The Act on the protection of tenants, municipal housing stock, and amendments to the Civil Code

Ustawa o niektórych formach popierania budownictwa mieszkaniowego oraz o zmianie niektórych ustaw
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Act on selected methods of supporting construction for housing purposes and on amending selected acts

Ustawa o nabywaniu nieruchomości przez cudzoziemców
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Act on real estate acquisition by foreigners

Ustawa o przekształceniu prawa użytkowania wieczystego w prawo własności nieruchomości
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Act on transformation of the right of perpetual usufruct into real estate ownership

Ustawa Prawo o notariacie
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Law of notaries

Ustawa Prawo Budowlane
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Construction law

Ustawa Prawo geodezyjne i kartograficzne
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Law on land surveying and mapping

Ustawa o własności lokali
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Act on ownership of premises

Ustawa o planowaniu i zagospodarowaniu przestrzennym
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Act on area planning and land development

Ustawa o listach zastawnych i bankach hipotecznych
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Act on mortgage bonds and mortgage banks

Rozporządzenie Rady Ministrów w sprawie scalania i podziału nieruchomości
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Regulation of the Council of Ministers on merging and dividing real estate

Rozporządzenie Rady Ministrów w sprawie sposobu i trybu dokonywania podziałów nieruchomości
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Regulation of the Council of Ministers on the method and manner of dividing real estate

Rozporządzenie Ministra Sprawiedliwości w sprawie szczegółowego trybu postępowania w sprawach o opróżnienie lokalu lub pomieszczenia albo o wydanie nieruchomości oraz szczegółowych warunków, jakim powinno odpowiada tymczasowe pomieszczenie
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Regulation of the Minister of Justice on the specific proceedings with regard to removal of tenants from premises or parts thereof or with regard to releasing real estate, and on detailed requirements to be met by temporary accomodation

to own; to be the owner
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użytkowanie wieczyste
to hold in perpetual usufruct; to be the perpetual usufructuary
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perpetual usufruct

to hold in usufruct; to be the usufructuary
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to hold as a tenant; to be the tenant
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to lease; to be a tenant
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to borrow for use; to be the borrower of real estate lent for use
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lending for use

trwały zarząd
to administer on a permanent basis; to be a permanent administrator
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permanent administration

władanie bez tytułu prawnego
to hold without title; to be a holder without title
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holding without title

Includes in particular the right to: (1) use a thing, (2) profit from a thing, and (3) dispose of or encumber a thing. Such right is always subject to the applicable law & social co
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Legal right to the exclusive enjoyment of a thing. It can be asserted against the whole World.
existence rules prohibiting causing harm to others.

more than > 1 owner of the same thing at the same time
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ownership (joint ownership, joint title)

joint tenants
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own jointly the entire property

tenants in common
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own fractional shares

Real property
· land = plots/parcels of land, · houses, · units (flats, apartments)
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(real estate, immovables)

Personal property
(1) tangible = chattels (movables) eg.: cars, merchandise, jewelry, (2) intangible = rights eg. shares, bonds, patents and copyrights
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(personalty) = not real property

Condominium (condo)
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a unit owned by individuals who also jointly own common parts of the property, such as the grounds and building structure

Perpetual usufruct art. 232 § 1 kc
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Under specified conditions plots of land owned by the State Treasury or the local government (municipality) may be given
to a perpetual usufructee with the right to use and collect profits, usually for the period of 99 years. The rights of perpetual usufructee are nearly as wide as the owner's. He may for eg. sell his interest in the land or take out a mortgage against it.

right to use and collect profits

· ~ appurtenant · ~ in gross · line ~

pledge · registered pledge · lien [czyt: 'li:ən]

the housing co
operative tenancy right to a unit
right to a unit
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operative ownership
Compare: the housing co

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