rating and drinking

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pożywne posilki
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nourshining meals
meals which make you healthy and strong
świeże produkty (rolne)
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fresh produce (agricultural)
food producent from farming e.g. dairy produce, agricultural produce
gotowe dania
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ready meals
meals already prepared or which just need to be heated quickly before eating
dodatki do zywnosci
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additives for food / food additives
substances added to food to improve its taste or appearance or to preserve it
żywność wysoko przetworzona
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highly processed foods
foods which are changed or treated as part of an industrial operation
I think processed foods in general are probably bad for US.
żywność szybko psująca się
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perishable food
perishable food - food which góra bad quickly, e.g. cheese, fish.
ogromny apetyt
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healthy appetite
I know you have healthy appetite, but you had a hearty breakfast only two hours ago!
jedzenie na szybko, żeby się napchac
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slap-up meal
jedzenie wysokiej jakosci
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