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First farmers arrive to Britain

Emperor Claudius invades Britain

3-4th Century
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Christian communities appear in Britain

Roman army leaves Britain

Anglo-Saxon kingdoms established in Britain

William the Conqueror becomes William I

Westminister Abbey firt used as coronation church

Magna Carta introduced durning King John's rule

Edward I of England introduces Statue of Rhuddlan, annexing Wales to Crown of England

English leave France

Richard III is killed and Henry Tudor becomes Hanry VI

21 April 1509
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Hanry VIII becomes king

28 January 1547
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Henry VIII dies. Edward VI, a protestant, becomes king.

Edward VI dies at the age of 15, having ruled for 6 years. 'Bloody' Mary, a Catholic decomes Queen

Elizabeth I dies, James I of england, Wales and Ireland and James VI of Scotland, Elizabeth's cousin, becomes king

Roundheads defeat Charles I and take him prisoner

Charles I is executed

Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell dies. His sn, Richard Cromwell becomes Lord Protector

1 May 1660
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Charles II invited back from exile in the Netherlands

Charles II dies with no legitimate heir. His Catholic brother, James II of England, Wales and Ireland and James VII of Scotland becomes king

William of Orange is asked to invide by important Protestants. This is the Glorious Revolution becouse is non-violent. He becomes William III of England, Wales and Ireland and William II of Scotland and rules jointly with Mary, James's II elder daughter

Queen Anne dies. George I (a German Protestant) becomes king

Victoria becomes queen at the age of 18

Victoria dies after almost 64 years on the throne. As of 2013 this is the longest reign of British monarch

1 May 1940
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Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister

Clement Attlee becomes Prime Minister of a Labour goverment after Winston Churchill loses General Election

Winston Churchill returns as Prime Minister after defeating Clement Attlee

Conservative goverment in the UK

Elizabeth II becomes Queen

Winston Churchill stands down at the General Election

Margaret Thatcher, a Consorvative MP, becomes Prime Minister

Tatcher's Conservative government lead the UK

Tony Blair, a Labour MP, is elected as Prime Minister

Power devolved from central government to give Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland more control over domestic matters.

Northern Ireland Assembly elected

Welsh Assembly and Scottish Government are are established

Northern Ireland Assembly suspended

Gordon Brown, a Labour MP, becomes Prime Minister

1 May 2010
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The first coalition government since February 1974 is elected. David Cameron, a Conservative MP, becomes Prime Minister

Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne)

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