PV Week 16 - 20

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Move out
My neighbour is leaving. He's moving out next Saturday.
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Mudarse de cadsa o oficina

Opt out
I enjoy tennis but I'm so busy I had to opt out of the tournament.
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Optar por no participar, dejar un sistema

Pass out
She passed out when she heard the bad news.
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Put out
It took a long time to put out the fire.
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Point out
She pointed out the mistake.
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Señalar, dirigir la atención a algo

Rule out
The police ruled out political motives.
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Descartar, eliminar

Run out of
What nuisance! We've run out of coffee
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Quedarse sin

Take out
She took out a pen to note the address.
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Eliminar, extraer

Watch out
Watch out! There's a car coming.
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Tener cuidado

Wear out
Julie wore out her shoes visiting the city. At the end of the day Julie was worn out.
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Desgastar o acabar muy cansado

Poner tu esperanzas en algo o alguien

Call on/ upon somebody
I now call upon the President to address the assembly.
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Invitar o pedir algo formalmente a alguien

Carry on
He carried on gardering in spite of the rain.
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Count on
I'm counting on the taxi driver to find the theatre.
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Contar con, depender de

Drag on
We expected a short speech but it dragged on and on!
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alargarse más de lo esperado

Focus on
The advertising csmpaign will focus on the quality of product.
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Concentrarse en

Get on
You can pay when you get on the bus.
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Subir a un autobus, tren o avión

Get on with something
Be quiet and get on with your homework.
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Continuar con algo, hacer progresos

Get on well with somebody
I get on very well with colleagues.
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Llevarte bien con alguien

Hit on / upon
She hit upon an idea for her new collection.
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Encontrar inesperadamente o por inspiración

Hold on
Hold on! I'll put you through to Mr. Brown. She held on to the railing as she crossed the bridge.
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Esperar, sujetar firmemente

Keep on
It told him to be quiet but he kept on making noise.
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Look on
Billy didn't take part in the fight. He just looked on.
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Mirar como un espectador un evento

Put on
Could you put on the light please?
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Rely on
Don't worry. You can rely on me. I can keep a secret.
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Depender de, confiar en, contar con

Take on
Business is good so that the company is taking on extra staff.
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Contratar o emplear a alguien

Try on
I'm not sure about the size. Can I try it on?
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Probarte algo (ropa)

Block off
The area was blocked off during the demonstration.
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Bloquear, separar usando una barrera

Call off
The meeting was called off because of the strike.
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