PV Week 1 - 5

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abide by
If you want to stay at this school, you must abide by the rules.
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respetar, obedecer

get by
It's difficult to get by on a low salary.
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superar, salir adelante, sobrevivir

account for
I hope you can account for the money you spent.
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explicar, dar una razón

allow for
You'd better leave early to allow for traffic jams.
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tomar en consideración, incluir en un cálculo

Hacer una petición formal para un trabajo, o algo.

Look for
Jane went to the shops to look for a pair of shoes.
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Vouch for
You can give the keys to Andy. I vouch for him.
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Expresar confianza, garantizar algo.

Add up
Her story just doesn't add up.
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Tener sentido, parecer razonable

back up
If I tell the boss we've got too much work, will you back me up?
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dar apoyo o hacer una copia de un programa o archivo

beef up
He beefed his presentation with diagrams and stadistics.
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reforzar, mejorar

Blow up
The terrorist said the bomb would blow up at 9 o'clock.
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Explotar, ser destruido por una explosión

Boot up
Just give me a few minutes to boot up the computer.
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Arrancar un ordenador mediante un programa o sistema operativo.

Break up
After her marriage broke up, she went to livein NY.
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Romper un matrimonio o relación

Bring up
She stopped working in order to bring up her children.
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Criar un niño

Brush up on
Mary had to brush up on her Spanish before going to South America.
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Ponerse al día

Clam up
When the teacher arrived she clammed up.
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Negarse a hablar

Come up against
The project came up against a lot of criticism.
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Chocar, oponerse

Draw up
An agreement was drawn up and signed by the two parties.
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Escribir un contrato, un acuerdo, un documento

Dress up
Do people dress up to go to the opera in your country?
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Vestirse con ropa elegante o disfrazarse

End up
If he continues his misconduct he'll end up in prison.
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Alcanzar un sitio, estado, o acción.

Get up
I usually get up at 7 o'clock.
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Give up
Sarah gave up smoking 5 years.
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Rendirse, dejar de hacer algo.

Grow up
He grew up in small village in the mountains.
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Crecer, desarrollarse, convertirse en adulto

Hang up
Don't hang up. I haven't finished yet.
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Hurry up
Hurry up! We'll miss the bus.
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Darse prisa

Join up
John was in the Army and Tom joined up as soon as he left school.
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Unirse, enrolarse

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