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READ OUT -------- Today at school the students listened carefully as their teacher read out their test scores. --------- read out.
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leer en voz alta. to read something and say the words aloud so that other people can hear.
READ OUT ------- Adal Ramones read out the names of the winners. ---- read out.
ROLL OUT ------ American Airlines will be "rolling out" its new budget airline over the next few months. ----- roll out.
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Lanzar, dar a conocer, algo nuevo al publico. to launch a new product or service, and get it ready for the public to buy. (see also: bring out).
ROLL OUT -------- Sofia Vergara said that cosmetic companies "roll out" new make-up colors every few months. ----- roll out.
ROOT OUT ---------- The new Brazilian government has promised to root corrupt officials out by checking their bank accounts and their assets. -------- ROOT OUT.
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Arrancar de raiz, erradicar, extirpar. to find something bad or illegal and get rid of the thing or person that is causing a problem. (see also: weed out).
ROOT OUT ---------- Lopez Obrador said that It'll be our aim to root out corruption. ---------- root out.
RULE OUT ------- Marilin will probably get the job, but don’t "rule out" Pepe. He’s got a good chance too. ----- rule out.
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Descartar. to stop considering something as a possibility. (see also: count out).
RULE OUT ------- Donal said that the recent wave of terrorism has "ruled out" any chance of peace talks. ----- rule out.
RUN OUT ON somebody. ------- Richard Voughan "ran out on" his wife and kids and went to live in Rosa's house in Rio with his Brazilian girlfriend. ------ (run out on) somebody.
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Abandonar a alguien, dejar a. to suddenly leave someone who you are having a relationship with, usually causing problems for them. (see also: walk out (on).
RUN OUT ON somebody. ------- Yadira's husband "ran out on" her and went to live in Rosa's garage when the kids were very young. ------ (run out on) somebody.
SEE OUT. ------- Rose's determined to "see out" her three-year contract even though she dislikes her work. -------- see out.
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Seguir hasta el final, ver el final de algo. to continue to work at (something) until it is completed. (see out sth see also: see through).
Nelson "saw the project out" to its very end... After "seeing out" the year in his current job, Edgar is going to spend next year traveling around Asia. ------ see out.
SEE someone OUT -------- Ines "saw the last guests out" and locked the door. ----- SEE OUT.
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Acompañar a alguien hasta la puerta. to go with sb out of a building, etc. to make sure that they find the way. (see also: show out).
SEE someone OUT ------------ After the meeting was over, the chairman Felipe accompanied his guests down to the lobby and "saw them out" to their waiting cars. ------------ SEE OUT.
SEEK OUT ------- When Hilary's husband was diagnosed with cancer, she decided to "seek out" the world’s top cancer specialists to treat him. ------ seek out.
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Salir a la búsqueda de. tratar de encontrar a. to look for someone or something for a long time until you find them. (see also: look for).
SEEK OUT ------- Louis Heys tried to "seek out" her real mother when she discovered she was adopted. ----- seek out.
SELL OUT. --------- The nearest shop had "sold out" of bread, so Maggy had to go to another one further away to get some. ______________ sell out.
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Agotarse, acabarse. When something sells out, it sells all the items available. (see also: run out).
SELL OUT. --------- Jane said, If our retailers are "selling out" of stock, they need more frequent deliveries. -------- sell out.
SEND OUT --------- When will Erik and Lupe "send their wedding invitations out"?. ------- send out.
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Enviar por correo regular u online a varias personas a la vez. to send something to a lot of different people at the same time. (see also: mail out).
SEND OUT --------- Oviedo asked to Maria, how many invitations are you 'sending out"?. ------- send out.
SEND OUT FOR --------- Tonight I don't feel like cooking said Ceci, why don’t we "send out for" Chinese food?. ------ send out for.
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Ordenar algo, Pedir algo. to telephone a restaurant to ask for food to be delivered to you. (see also: order in).
SEND OUT FOR --------- Oviedo said, why don’t we "send out" for pizza? We can eat it in front of the TV and watch the game. ------ send out for.
SET OUT, or SET OFF. --------- Lalo If you want to get there by midday, you’ll have to "set off" at around seven o’clock. -------- set out/off.
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Ponerse en camino, en marcha. to start a journey. (see also: head off).
SET OUT, or SET OFF. --------- Emmy "set off" every day for work at five-thirty. ------ set out or set off.
SET OUT. ------- The prospectus of Mr Trump clearly "sets out" the company’s goals and its strategies for reaching them. ------- set out.
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Estipular algo por escrito. to give all the details of something, or to explain something clearly, especially in writing. (see also: lay out)
SET OUT. ------- The manager of the Bestbuy store said that the guarantee "set the conditions out" for getting a full refund. ------ set out.
SHOW sb OUT. --------- Felipe's secretary “showed me out” after the interview. ------ SHOW somebody OUT.
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Acompañar a la puerta. to lead a visitor who is leaving to the door of a room or building. (see also: see out).
SHOW sb OUT. ------ My secretary will "show you out" Mr Smith said Jane. ------ Show somebody out.
PROSPECTUS -------- Don't buy the new stock offering until you read the "prospectus" carefully. -------------- PROSPECTUS.
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prospecto, folleto, guia, documento de proyecto grupo, propuesta. a book or printed document that gives information about a school, college, etc. in order to advertise it.
PROSPECTUS -------- The "prospectus" of Mr Trump clearly sets out the company’s goals and its strategies for reaching them.
REACH OUT. ------- Little Damian said that monkeys at the zoo were "reaching out" of their cage to grab the bits of bread and fruit the kids were feeding them. ----- reach out.
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Estirar el brazo. to stretch your arm in front of your body, usually in order to get or touch something.
REACH OUT. ------- During the river flood the rescuer "reached out" to grab the boy but it was too late. ------- REACH OUT.
TURN OUT ---------- Mike Mastruany said, If we get the new production machines we could turn out over 1000 units a day instead of the 500 a day we produce now. -------------TURN OUT.
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Producir a grandes cantidades. to produce something, especially in large numbers. (see also: crank out (inf; for cheap, fast production). See also; crank out).
Toyota company turns out 5,000 small cars a year. -------------TURN OUT.

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