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look out for ----------- When Richard Voughan was young, he was always looking out for business opportunities. ------- look out for
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buscar atentamente por, vigilar, observar, estar pendiente de, estar atento a. to carefully watch the people or things around you so that you will notice a particular person or thing. (see also: look for).
look out for ---- Remember to look out for Ceci - she said she'd be there. ----- look out for.
lose out ----- Steave said, I should have sold the shares when they got to $100, but I didn’t so I’ve lost out. They’re only worth $40 now. Oh shit. ------ lose out.
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salir perdiendo, terminar perdiendo. to not have an advantage that other people have. (see also: miss out).
lose out ----- The accountant said that the new tax means that married women will lose out. ----- lose out.
pan out ---------- Luis Gutierrez said, we’re not sure what effect the government’s economic stimulus will have yet. We’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out. ------ pan out.
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Dar resultado. Resultar. The way a situation develops. (see also: turn out, work out).
pan out ----- My wife said, let’s see how things pan out before we decide whether to go or not. ----- pan out.
pass out ------ Could you pass those books out?, my teacher asked me. ------- pass out.
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dar, repartir. to distribute, to give, hand out something to several or many people. (see also: hand out, give out).
At church the priest was passing out the communion wafers this morning... Teacher Melany said, could two of you come to the front and get the test papers and pass them out to your classmates, please?. ------ pass out.
pass out ------ It was so hot today at work that Katthy Williams passed out. Billy threw some water on her face and she came to after a minute or so. ----- pass out.
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Desmayarse. to become unconscious. (see also: black out).
Carmen almost passed out from the heat... The owner of the company said to the supervisor, If you see someone who’s passed out, take them to a hospital straight away. ----- pass out.
PAY sth OUT ------ If you win the lottery Martin, you mightn’t get all the money at once. They might "pay it out" in installments over several years. ------------------------- PAY something OUT.
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Pagar una gran cantidad de dinero, desenbolsar una gran suma. to pay a lot of money to someone, or to spend a lot of money on something.
pay something out ----- I had to "pay out" $300 to get my car fixed said Jose Romo. ------- pay something out.
phase out ------ The manager said, It’s about time the old dress code was phased out. Most other companies already allow their staff to wear casual clothes if they like. ------ phase out.
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Eliminar en faces, quitar algo en faces o gradualmente. to gradually stop using or supplying something. (see also: do away with).
phase out ------ The new president said, we’ll phase the Obamacare plan out over the next couple of years. ------ phase out.
pick out ------- I looked for Luis Rivas in the crowd, but it was getting dark and I couldn’t pick him out. ------ pick out.
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Reconoser, distinguir, identificar. to recognize a person or thing from a group of people or things.
pick out ------- This morning a witness picked out the attacker from police photos. ------- pick out.
POP OUT ---------- The doctor said, I have to pop out of the room to take this call, but I’ll be back in a minute. ------ POP OUT.
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ir a dar una vuelta rapidamente, Salir de volada. to leave the place where you are and go somewhere for a short time. (see also: step out).
POP OUT ------ Emmy said, hey Kaz, I'm just popping out to the store to get some milk. ------- pop out.
pound out ------ Everyone clapped and sang as Mom pounded out the family favorites on the piano. -------- pound out.
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Golpear con las manos un instrumento musical. if you pound out a song, you play it loudly by hitting your instrument very hard. (see also: bang out).
pound out ------ Elton Jhon was pounding out a tune on the piano. -------- pound out.
pound out ------ Some of these famous writers as doctor Dyer and Louis Hey pound out three books a year. -------- pound out.
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Producir o hacer algo al escribir en teclado rapidamente, teclear rapidamente. to do or produce something by typing in a very short period of time.
pound out ------ Every week Maria Elena Salinas pounds out another column for the newspaper. -------- pound out.
pull out ---------- After lengthy negotiations Morgan Marshall company pulled out of the deal. ------------- pull out.
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Salirse, desinvolucrarse de algo, retirarse de algo. to stop being involved in an activity or agreement. (see also: back out (of), pull back (from).
pull out ------ Jane said, we knew the company was going under, so we pulled out of our deal with them rather than risk losing our investment. ------ pull out.
PUT somebody OUT. ------------- Are you sure Martin that taking me to the station won’t put you out? I can easily get a taxi if you’re busy -------------- put somebody out.
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incomodar, dificultar, causar problemas. to cause problems, difficulties or extra work for someone by making them do something for you.
put somebody out ------ I told Ceci, It would be great to stay with you, but I don’t want to put you out. ----- put somebody out.
PUT OUT ------- Peppin seemed a bit put out at not having been included in the plans. ----- PUT OUT.
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Sentirse, indignarse, ofenderse sobre algo. to annoy or bother (someone), often because of something that someone do or says to you.
put out ------ All the Emmy's jokes at the begining didn't seem to put Ceci out at all. ------ put out.
put out ----- The reporter from Univision said, It took the firemen over an hour to put out the fire. ----- put out.
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Apagar un fuego. to make something that is burning [e.g. fire, cigarette] stop burning. (See also: put out).
put out ------ Ali, you'd better put your cigarette out before Lalo sees it. ----- put out.
lose out ------ The government's new guidelines means that all immigrants will lose out. ----- lose out.
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salir perdiendo, terminar perdiendo. to not have an advantage that other people have. (see also: miss out).
lengthy ------ After lengthy negotiations the Morgan Marshall company pulled out of the deal. --------------------- lengthy.
lengthy ------ Tom wrote a "lengthy" article about his work for a local newspaper. --------------------- lengthy.
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Largo, tedioso, extenso, prolongada. very long, and often too long, in time or size.
lengthy ------ Chiquis had a "lengthy" argument with her mother about her boyfriend. --------------------- lengthy.

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