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INSIST ON/ UPON something. -------- Donal said, we used to ship stock on credit, but after not being paid a few times we now "insist on" payment in advance from most customers. --------------- INSIST ON/ UPON something.
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insistir en, sobre. to say that you must have something.
INSIST ON/ UPON something. -------- Ivanka Trump "insists upon" fresh fruit every morning. --------------- INSIST ON/ UPON something.
MOVE ON. -------- Jessica Knode is been in her job for nearly ten years and she thinks it’s time to "move on" and do something new. --------------- move on.
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Seguir adelante, continuar. to start doing a new activity. (see also: go on).
MOVE ON. -------- Donal said, this topic’s been covered so let’s "move on" to the next item on the agenda. --------------- move on.
FIGURE ON. -------- Donal hadn’t "figured on" economic problems causing his business to fail, so now he doesn’t know what to do. --------------- figure on.
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Calcular que, anticipar que, suponer que. to expect that something will happen and to include it in your plans.
FIGURE ON. -------- The Oviedo family they "figured on" about 200 people coming to the party. --------------- figure on.
GET ON. -------- Hey, Hilary, how’re you "getting on" with the other people in the office?. Have you had any problems with anyone?. --------------- get on.
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llevarse bien. if two or more people get on, they like each other and are friendly to each other. (see also: get along).
GET ON. -------- Becky and Ellen seem to be "getting on" much better these days. --------------- get on.
GET ON something. -------- James Rodriguez helped an old lady "get on" the bus today. He’s a real gentleman. --------------- GET ON something.
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Subirse a un automobil, avion, etc. to go into a bus, train, aircraft, or boat. (see also: get onto).
GET ON something. -------- I "got on" the wrong bus and ended up horribly lost. --------------- (get on) something.
GET or PULL something ON. -------- It’s really cold outside Emigdio. Have you "got your thick socks and your extrawarm underwear on"?. --------------- GET or PULL something ON.
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Ponerse algo. to put a piece of clothing onto your body. (see also: put on).
GET or PULL something ON. ------- "Get your coat on" Quito if you're going outside, it's cold. --------------- GET or PULL something ON.
GET ONTO someone/something. ------ Hilary's father was very pleased when she "got onto" the Board of Directors. --------------- (get onto) something.
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Conseguir que alguein salga elegido, elegir, nominar a alguien. Be elected, appointed. (see also: get on).
GET ONTO someone/something. ----- What do I need to do to "get my friend Luis Gutierrez onto" the planning committee?. --------------- GET ONTO someone/something.
GET ONTO/GET ON TO something. -------- I think we’ve probably covered that topic said Jane. Does anyone want to add anything before we "get onto" the next item on the agenda?. --------------- (GET ONTO/GET ON TO something.
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Empezar a hablar de un tema. to start talking about a subject. (see also: move on (to).
GET ONTO/GET ON TO something. -------- Mike Mastruani said, Ok guys, let’s "get on to" the next item on our agenda. --------------- (GET ONTO/GET ON TO something.
GET ON WITH something. -------- Their boss came into the office and said, "get on with" your work! I don’t pay you to sit around chatting on your phones all day!. --------------- GET ON WITH something.
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Continuar con, seguir con. Continue doing something. (see also: get down to).
GET ON WITH something. -------- Teacher Melany asked the pupils to "get on with" some work quietly as she had to leave the classroom. --------------- GET ON WITH something.
GROW ON somebody. -------- Kaz didn’t really like Prince Roy’s music at first, but it’s "grown on" her and she loves it now and listens to it all the time. --------------- GROW ON somebody.
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Empezar a gustar. Growyear Sobre. Like something that you didn't like at first.
GROW ON somebody. -------- The painting has "grown on" me said Quito; I used to hate it. --------------- GROW ON somebody.
REPORT BACK ON something. ---------- The candidate Trump said, find out as much as you can about Hilary and report back to me. ---------- REPORT BACK ON something.
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Reportarse de regreso sobre algo. Informar, o volver a prsentarse, give information to someone who previously asked for it.
REPORT BACK ON something. ---------- Lopez Obrador promised to investigate it and then report back to the committee. ---------- REPORT BACK ON something.
FILL somebody IN on something. -------- I missed the meeting so I need someone to fill me in on what happened. --------- FILL somebody IN on something.
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Informar, LLenar la cabeza con información, poner a alguien al dia, poner a alguien al corriente. to give the person essential information on that topic.
FILL somebody IN on something. -------- Hector said, Chuy already filled me in on the latest developments. --------- FILL somebody IN on something.
SIGN ON. --------- Angie loves teaching English and she’s just "signed on" for another year’s work in her school. --------------- sign on.
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Afiliarse, inscribirse. to sign a document saying that you will work for someone. (see also: sign up).
SIGN ON. --------- Ibanka's "signed on" with a temp agency. --------------- sign on.

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