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DEPEND ON somebody or something. ------- I’m still not sure if we can play tennis today. It depends on the weather. --------------- DEPEND ON somebody or something.
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Depender de. if one thing depends on another, it is changed or affected by the other thing. (see also: count on, rely on, bank on).
Their future depends on how well they do in these exams. ------- DEPEND ON somebody or something.
DRAG ON. --------- Donal's speech seemed to "drag on" for hours. He nearly put everyone to sleep!. --------------- DRAG ON.
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Alrgarse, extenderse. if an unpleasant or difficult situation or process drags on, it continues for too long. (see also: go on).
The lawyer said, that some cases drag on for years. ------ DRAG ON.
HAND ON something. ---------- Uncle Jose had a quick look at the photos and then handed them on to the next person. --------------- HAND ON something.
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Pasar ö traspasar algo a alguien. to give something that you do not want or have finished dealing with to someone else so that they can deal with it. (see also: pass on).
I decided not to hand this information on to the police. The farm will be handed on to his son. -------- HAND ON something.
HAVE sth ON. HAVE GOT ON. ----------- I can’t go tonight said Alex Rodriguez. I’VE "GOT something ON", but I don’t have anything on tomorrow night if you’re free Jennifer. ------------------------------- HAVE sth ON/HAVE GOT ON.
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Tener un compromiso, tener algo planeado por hacer. to have an arrangement to do something.
Do you have anything on for tomorrow afternoon? ------------ HAVE sth ON. HAVE GOT ON.
HAVE something ON. ------- I hope you’ve got your warm socks on. It’ll get really cold later on this evening. --------------- HAVE something ON.
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Tener puesto, estar usando. if you have clothes or shoes on, you are wearing them. (see also: put on).
Melissa had her new dress on. I couldn’t see properly. I didn’t have my glasses on. -------- AVE something ON.
HIT ON, or HIT UPON something ------- We were talking about ways to boost brand awareness when Mister Trump "hit on" the idea of sponsoring a football team. ---------------------------- HIT ON, or HIT UPON something.
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Ocurrirse, Prenderse el foco. to have a good idea or to discover something, especially one that solves a problem. (see also: come up with, think up).
They hit on the idea of celebrating the occasion with a concert. --------- HIT ON, or HIT UPON something.
EGG somebody ON. ----------- Crhist Smith doesn’t usually drink too much, but people in the bar were cheering him and, (egging him on) and before long he was really drunk. ------------------------- EGG somebody ON.
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Sonsacar, incitar, animar alentar a alguien. to encourage someone to do something, often something that is wrong, stupid, or dangerous.
EGG somebody ON. ----------- He’d never have stolen it if she hadn’t egged him on. -------- EGG somebody ON.
IMPOSE something ON./UPON -------- Ruth objects to the way some people try to impose their views or beliefs on other people, especially when it comes to religious beliefs. --------------- IMPOSE something ON.
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imponer. to force a group of people to accept something, or to give someone a punishment.
The judge imposed a life sentence on the defendant. IMPOSE something. -------- ON./UPON.
DRAW HEAVILY ON/UPON something. ------- Dr Dyer's early poetry "draws heavily on" his experience and memories of childhood. ---------- DRAW HEAVILY ON/UPON something.
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Apoyarse fuertemente sobre algo, valerse mucho de, echar mano sobre algo.
DRAW HEAVILY ON/UPON something. -------- As an actor, you often draw on your own life experiences. Your body draws on its reserves of fat during the times when you are fasting. -------- DRAW HEAVILY ON/UPON something.
HEAVILY --------- Dr Cesar Losano's early poetry draws "heavily" on his experience and memories of childhood. --------------- heavily.
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Muchisimo. excesivamente, considerablemente. to a great degree, very much.
HEAVILY --------- An area that relied heavily on the mines for jobs. Her work was heavily influenced by her father’s. --------- HEAVILY.
GET IT ON, (US slang).--------- My girlfriend's little brother said, I know you guys going to "get it on"?. ------------------------- GET IT ON, (US slang).
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Tener sexo. to have sex.
GET IT ON, (US slang).--------- Parents worry about their teenagers getting it on. --------- GET IT ON, (US slang).
BORDER ON. ---------- Trump’s bizarre behavior borders on the insane -------- BORDER ON.
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Rayar en, rozar en. to be very like (something): to come very close to being (something).
BORDER ON. ---------- A feeling of mistrust bordering on hatred... The play's dialog borders on] the ridiculous.
CRACK ON. ------ Just tell Augusto what to do and he'll crack on with the work. -------- CRACK ON.
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Ponerse a chingarle duro. to start or continue doing something, especially more quickly or with more energy after a pause.
The meeting needs to finish by 5, so we'd better crack on. Now we've prepared the walls we can crack on with the painting. -------- CRACK ON.

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