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BASE something ON. ------- Victoria Secrets owners always "base their new designs on" the latest market research. --------------- BASE something ON.
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Basarse en. if you base something on particular facts or ideas, you use those facts or ideas to develop that thing. (See also: build on).
BASE something ON. ------- The film is "based on" a short story by Thomas Mann. --------------- base something on.
BEAR ON/UPON sth. --------- The judge said that the new evidence didn’t "bear on" the case and couldn’t be presented in court. --------------- BEAR ON/UPON something.
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Pesar sobre. ser balido. to be directly connected to something, or to influence something.
BEAR ON/UPON sth. --------- A number of court cases that "bear on" women's rights will be coming up soon. --------------- (bear on, bear upon) something.
NOT BET ON sb/sth. --------- Essy said she’d help us make food for the party, but I "wouldn’t bet on it. ---------- (not bet on sb/sth.) Usually negative, as in (Don’t bet on it).
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No te confies. to expect something to happen or to expect someone to do something, especially when this is what you want or need. (see also: bank on, count on).
NOT BET ON sb/sth. --------- Maggy said, It'd be great if they invited us to the wedding, but don't bet on it. --------------- (not bet on) sb/sth. (Usually negative, as in: Don’t bet on it).
BRING something ON. ------ Sandy’s crying. What "brought that on"?. Don’t tell me someone asked her about her old boyfriend!. --------------- BRING something ON.
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Provocar, causar. to make something unpleasant start. (see also: bring about).
BRING something ON. ------ Doctor Lee said that headaches are often "brought on" by stress. --------------- bring something on.
BUILD ON something. ------ Ibanka said, we’ll have to "build on" our success and keep working hard in order to stay ahead of our competitors. --------------- BUILD ON something.
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Basarse sobre algo. to use a success or achievement as a base from which to achieve more success. (See also: base on).
BUILD ON something. ------ Donal said, once your company has established a good reputation you've got something to "build on". --------------- BUILD ON something.
COME ON. -------- The Channel Nine News comes on at 6 o’clock, after a couple of game shows. --------------- come on.
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Comenzar. Start functioning (machines, etc).
COME ON. -------- My favorite show comes on at 10 o’clock, so let’s get home before that. --------------- COME ON.
COME ON. ----------- Maria’s English is (coming on) very well, but her brother Juan’s isn’t coming along as well as hers. Maybe she could help him out. --------------- come on.
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Progresar. to improve a skill, or to make progress. (see also: come along).
COME ON. ---------- Israel's listening skills aren’t (coming on) as well as his reading skills. --------------- come on.
CONCENTRATE ON something. ------ My daughter understands that she must "concentrate on" her studies now, but after she graduates she can travel and explore the world. --------------- CONCENTRATE ON something.
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Concentrarse en. to focus on someone or something. (see also: focus on).
CONCENTRATE ON something. ------ We’re "concentrating on" opening new markets for our products overseas. --------------- (concentrate on) something.
COTTON ON to something. ------ At first I didn’t know why he was smiling at me, but I soon "cottoned on" when he winked as well. --------------- COTTON ON to something.
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Empezar a entender. to begin to understand a situation or fact. (see also: catch on).
COTTON ON to something. ------ Dario didn’t understand at first, but it didn’t take him long to "cotton on". --------------- (cotton on) to something.
COUNT ON somebody or something. ------ You can "count on" John. He’s very reliable, so if he says he’ll have it done on time, it’ll definitely be done on time. --------------- COUNT ON somebody or something.
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Contar con. to depend on, to rely on someone or somethig. (see also: bank on, depend on, rely on).
COUNT ON somebody or something. ------ I can "count on" my family and close friends to be there if I need help. --------------- COUNT ON somebody or something.
BEAR ON to sth/sb. or affect. ------------ With the goverment shut down is going to "bear on" the welfare of the community. --------------------------- bear on.
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Afectar. to have an effect on (something), to apply or relate to (something).
BEAR ON to sth/sb. or affect. ------------ Carlos Osorio Personal feelings did not "bear on" his decision. --------------------------- bear on.
GET ON (UK). ------------- How did you "get on" at the exam Kaz?. --------------------------- GET ON (UK).
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irle a uno, progresar. to make progress while doing something. to get ahead.
GET ON (UK). -------------- Are you trying to learn and use, phrasal verbs Emmy?. So how are you "getting on"?. ------------------------- GET ON (UK).
GET ON something. (US). ------------ These files need to be organized said April. I'll "get on" it right away. ------------------------- GET ON something (US).
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Ponerse a hacer algo. poner manos a la obra. to start to do or deal with something. (See also: Set about).
GET ON something. (US). ------------ My son said, I have a lot of homework, I'd better "get on" it. -------------- GET ON something (US).

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