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Luis Gutierrez said, could you "fill me in" on the details before the meeting starts?. I haven’t had time to read the report. ---------- fill somebody in.
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Informar, poner al corriente. to give someone details about something.
Let's go for a coffee Efrain and you can "fill me in" on what happened at the meeting. ---------- fill somebody in.
We had a substitute teacher today. Her name is Melany and she’ll be "filling in" for Mr. Shan until he gets better. ----- FILL IN.
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Sustituir, suplantar. to do someone else's work for them because they cannot or will not do it themselves. (see also: sit in for, stand in, take over).
Bolillo said, can you "fill in" for me for a couple of hours while I'm at the dentist's?. ----- FILL IN.
LLegar en grandes cantidades, (Floodear Ines). to arrive or enter somewhere in very large numbers or amounts. (see also: pour in). ------ FLOOD IN.
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FLOOD IN. -------- Thousands of cheap products have been "flooding in" from China and they’re being sold in our department stores for huge profits. ------ flood in.
Refugees "flooded into" the camp. ---- flood in.
My son’s having problems 'fitting in" with other kids at his new school. He says they aren’t very friendly towards him. ------ fit in.
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Adaptarse, encajar, llevarse bien. to feel happy in a group of people because you are similar to them. (see also: get on, get along).
Ceci seems to "fit in" well with everyone in the restaurant. ------ fit in.
If you want to open the door Karla, "key in" your security code. --------- key, or key in.
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Teclear. to put information into a computer or other electronic machine using keys or a keyboard. (see also: put in).
The data will need to be "keyed in" immediately April ok?. --------- key or key in.
When we misbehaved in class, our teacher would punish us by "keeping us in" after school. It was called ‘getting a detention’. -------- keep somebody in.
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Mantener adentro en retencion a alguien. to make a child stay at school or at home, especially as a punishment.
Logan was often "kept in" after school for bad behaviour. -------- keep somebody in.
The attacker scarcely "kept in" his indignation. -------- keep in.
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Mantener emociones adentro. to avoid expressing an emotion.
You shouldn't "keep your anger in" all the time Bolillo. -------- keep in.
It was rude of you Totto to "barge in" on the Lee family reunion. ------- barge in, into.
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Meterse a la fuerza, empujar, interrumpir, caer, entrometerse repentinamente. to move or push in a fast, awkward, and often rude way.
Karla said that David "barged in" on her while she was getting dressed!. ------- barge in, into.
I was standing at the bus stop when some idiot "barged into" me and knocked me off my feet. ------- barge in, into.
Donal came rushing down the stairs, "barging in" to the crowd of people at the bottom. ---------------------- barge in/into.
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Chocar, meterse, empujar, abrirse paso ala fuerza. to move or push in a fast, awkward, and often rude way.
Erick never agree to LET anyone IN ON his life. ----------------------------------------------- LET somebody IN ON something.
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Dejar a alguien meterse o intervenir sobre tu vida o sobre tus planes. to tell someone about something that is secret, or to allow someone to become involved in something that only very few people are involved in.
Hey Lalo, are you going to LET Javier IN ON your secret?. --------------------------- LET somebody IN ON something.
The receptionist at Maria Carmona’s office used to "listen in" on everyone’s private phone calls. --------- listen in.
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Escuchar a escondidas. to eavesdrop; to secretly listen to a conversation, especially a telephone conversation.
Maggy had picked up the extension phone and was "listening in". --------- listen in.
If we run out of milk, just dip into the petty cash and run down to the shop and get some. -------- PRETTY CASH.
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dinero suelto, feria. a small amount of money kept in an office for small payments.
We keep the petty cash in a small metal box with a lock. ------- PRETTY CASH.
The company "deals in" computer software....... deal in.
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Estar en el negocio de compra y venta. to buy and sell particular goods as a business.
Uncle Ernesto has always loved collecting stamps, so he set up a small company that "deals in" old stamps and related items. ------- DEAL IN.
Crhist Smith "dip into" a book of Home Remodels book. --------- dip into.
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Ojear, echar un ojo, echar un vistazo. to read parts of (something) in a casual or brief way. (See also: flip through, flick through, leaf through).
Jane said, I have only had time to "dip into" the report........ dip into.
Lalo said, on the weekend It was cold and windy so we decided to stay in and we cooked some tamales. ------- STAY IN.
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Quedarse en casa. to rremain at home.
Ceci said, It's snowing, let's stay in tonight and watch a movie.---- STAY IN.
Obama"s presidency ushered in a new era of democracy. --------- USHER IN.
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Dar lugar a, Ser el inicio de. to be at the start of a period when important changes happen, or to cause important changes to start happening.
The fall of the Berlin wall ushered in a new period in Germany's history. --------- USHER IN
HANG IN. ----- Even when Sergio Perez knew he would lose the race, he hung in and finished strongly. ------ HANG IN.
She says she'll hang in until she makes the business work. Hang in there, kid! Don't quit!. --------- HANG IN.
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Perseverar. to perservere, to keep working or trying in a difficult situation.

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