Phrasal verbs (a-b)

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trzymać się (np. zasad)
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adhere to
If you refuse to adhere to the rules of the club, you may be expelled.
dążyć do czegoś/być skierowanym na coś
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aim at
Most of his books are aimed at teenager readers.
odpowiadać niegrzecznie, pyskować
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answer back
How dare you answer back like that?!
ręczyć za
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answer for
I can answer for her qualifications in the field.
odpowiadać za coś, ponosić odpowiedzialność
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answer for sb/sth
You can't make me answer for his mistakes. That's unfair!
pytać o kogoś, dopytywać sie
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ask after sb
He seems to be really interested - he keeps asking after you.
zaprosić kogoś (do kina, restauracji)
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ask out
You behave like a moron! Ask her out and then you will know if she likes you or not!
łączyć /wiązać coś z czymś
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associate with
It's ridiculous to associate happiness with full bank account...
wycofywać się
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back out
Make them sign the agreement so that they would not back out from the project.
popierać, potwierdzać
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back sb/sth up
Will you back me up if I present the alternative solution to the problem?
liczyć na coś
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bank on
Tom is very disappointed as he banked on the pay rise and finally he didn't get it.
poszukiwać, gonić, ścigać
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be after
John is after a job in marketing.
pobić kogoś/ poturbować
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beat sb up
He was dragged out of the car and beaten up by the street gang.
pochylić się
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bend down
Johnny! Bend down and do your shoelaces.
wtapiać się
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blend in/into
Chameleons can blend in with their surroundings.
rządzić/ dyrygować kimś
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boss about/ round
I hate when somebody wants to boss me around!
wyłamać się
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break away
He wanted to break away from the traditional image of an artist and always wore suits in his studio.
zepsuć się
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break down
They got caught quite easily as their runaway car broke down after few miles.
załamywać się, kończyć się niepowodzeniem
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break down
The discussion broke down because nobody wanted to accept any compromise.
uciec z więzienia
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break out
He broke out of the state prison last night.
wybuchać (o wojnie lub epidemii)
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break out
The anthrax epidemic was prevented form breaking out.
przełamać coś/ przedrzeć się
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break through
The soldiers are reported to successfully break through the enemy's trenches.
zerwać z kimś
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break up (with sb)
I didn't know Leven has broken up with Joe!
wchodzić gdzieś pewnie
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breeze into (the building, etc)
She usually breezes into the meeting and shares her opinions with everybody present.
przejść przez coś z łatwością
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breeze through
He breezed through the university entrance exams.
rozjaśnić, upiększyć
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brighten up
She put some flowers to the vase to brighten the room up.
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bring about
Now we can just wait what these changes will bring about.
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bring back
The photos we watched together brought back a lot of memories.
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bring down
The present acute crisis in economy may bring the government down.
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bring sb around/round
We tried to bring her round but in vain.
pogodzić/ polepszyć stosunki
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bring together
The disaster brought the local community together.
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bring up
She was brought up to respect other people.
zignorować, odrzucić
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brush aside
He brushed aside his advisor's ideas and consequently lost the campaign.
podszlifować, odświeżyć (umiejętności)
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brush up
He went to France to brush up on his French before the exam.
spotkać, 'wpaść' na kogoś
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bump into
I bumped into my Mum when I tried to leave the house unnoticed.
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bundle up
She bundled the kittens up in blankets before taking them to the vet.
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burst in
The crowd burst in the palace and started the plunder.
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burst out
He burst out laughing when he heard this joke for the first time.
wtrącać się, mieszać do czegoś
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butt in
She got mad as he butted in once again with his stupid remarks.
zapiąć guziki
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button up
Button up Billy, will you? It's quite cold today.

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