Part I - My lord bag of rice.

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long, long ago there lived in Japan
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Há muito, muito tempo, vivia no Japão

a brave warrior known to all as Tawara Toda
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um bravo guerreiro conhecido por todos como Tawara Toda

My lord bag of rice
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Meu senhor saco de arroz

his true name was Fujiwara HIdesato
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seu verdadeiro nome era Fujiwara HIdesato

and there is a very interesting story of how he came to change his name
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e há uma história muito interessante de como ele veio a mudar seu nome

because he had the nature of a warrior
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porque ele tinha a natureza de um guerreiro

and could not to be idle
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e não conseguia ficar parado

so he picked up his two swords
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então ele pegou suas duas espadas

which was much taller than himself
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que era muito mais alto do que ele

strapped his quiver on his back and started out
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amarrado seu quiver em suas costas e começou

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