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something intended for temporary use until something better or more suitable can be found:
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Hostels are used as a stopgap until the families can find permanent accommodation.
to (cause to) happen at the same time:
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synchronize, sync
The show was designed so that the lights synchronized with the music.
a series of actions that happen in a planned and controlled way:
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I started legal proceedings to try to have him taken away from his parents permanently.
to ask someone to do something that they promised to do but that have not yet done:
ponaglić, pogonić
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chase sb up
I must chase my flatmate up about those bills and see if she paid them
to be something that someone likes very much
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rock someone's world
The new video game will rock your world
used to say that something bad is very obvious
oczywisty, rażący
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glaring errors
not knowing about unpleasant things and having no experience of life
nieświadomy niebezpieczeństw, ślepy
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talented, gifted
bat, bicz
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bez znaczenia (dla czegoś)
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irrelevant to sth
strange or unnatural and making you feel frightened:
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fully, comprehensively
W całej rozciągłosci
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at length
The issue was debated at length.
w trakcie, w toku czegoś
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in the course of sth
test cases that can be run in the course of the refactoring
easy to understand or simple:
start learning
to change something slightly, especially in order to make it more correct, effective, or suitable:
usprawnić, poprawić
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także uszczypnąć
possibilities to tweak it are documented in detail in the reference documentation
to involve someone more important or higher in rank in a situation or problem:
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You might need to escalate the issue to the next highest level management team.
postepowanie prawne
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legal action
v. to become or cause (something) to become twisted together​
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start learning
n. a thin, flat piece of metal​
start learning
n. an idea or theory that is not proven but that leads to further study or discussion​
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. something that helps produce or influence a result​
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“They definitely play very important roles; however, we don’t know at this point, which is the dominant factor,” she added.
adj. relating to stationary electric charges or fields as opposed to electric currents.​
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n. the part of the body below the chest that contains the stomach and other organs​
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n. a rope used for dragging or hauling something.
start learning
start learning
They thought spiders might sense and use electrostatic fields in the air.
to get bigger and rounder: I ballooned when I was pregnant with my second baby. ​ to quickly increase in size, weight, or importance:
pęcznieć, wybrzuszać się
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She has made computer models of how spiders balloon
to write someone a letter/email, especially a short informal one
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drop sb a line/email
Just drop me a line when you decide on a date.
uk informal to go somewhere quickly or be somewhere for only a short time:
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Can you nip out/round/down to the shop for me?
start learning
start learning
start learning
start learning
żółtko jajka
start learning
egg yolk
kotlet w panierce
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breaded cutlet
breadcrumbs znaczy panierka
dotrzymać terminu
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meet the deadline
to (cause to) go or do something very quickly:
załatwiać coś szybko, śpieszyć się, pędzić
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I've been rushing (about/around) all day trying to get everything done. I rushed up the stairs/to the office/to find a phone.
a close connection joining two or more people:
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the bond(s) of friendship/love
a short rest, usually in or on a bed
start learning
I usually have a lie-down after lunch.
powitać przywitać
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someone who is forced to leave a country because he is not a citizen
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zakończyć, położyć kres
Trump administration officials had said the policy was necessary to put an end to a growing number of illegal border crossings.
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put an end to
to make someone worried, unhappy, or angry
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upset sb
Don't upset yourself by thinking about what might have been.
to cause someone to feel extreme physical or mental pain
męczarnia, tortura
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“It was a great torment,” she said, as tears flowed down her face.
uused to refer to someone or something connected with the care of children, usually for a limited time, by someone who is not the child's legal parent:
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Marelyn said she talked to her mother by phone from a foster care home in Michigan. Foster parents.
to give attention to or to deal with a matter or problem:
start learning
Spring is an open source framework created to address the complexity of enterprise application development
after the time mentioned; later:
start learning
We had a swim and afterward we lay on the beach for a while.
informal to wait for a short time:
start learning
hang on
a large increase in activity or in the level of something:
start learning

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