Most Popular English Irregular Verbs

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bore – born

beat –beaten (beat)

began – begun

bit – bitten

bled – bled

blew – blown

broke – broken

burnt (burned) – burnt (burned)

chose – chosen

cost – cost

crept – crept

cut – cut

dealt – dealt

dug – dug

drew – drawn

dreamt (dreamed) – dreamt (dreamed)

drank – drunk

drove – driven

ate – eaten

fell – fallen

fed – fed

felt – felt

fit (fitted) – fit (fitted)

flew – flown

forbade – forbidden

forgot – forgotten

forgave – forgiven

froze – frozen

got – gotten (got)

gave – given

grew – grown

hid – hidden

hit – hit

hurt – hurt

kept – kept

knelt (kneeled) – knelt (kneeled)

knew – known

led – led

leapt (leaped) – leapt (leaped)

learnt (learned) – learnt (learned)

let – let

lay – lain

meant – meant

met – met

mistook – mistaken

proved – proven (proved)

put – put

quit (quitted) – quit (quitted)

read – read

rode – ridden

rang – rung

rose – risen

saw – seen

set – set

shook – shaken

showed – shown (showed)

shut – shut

sang – sung

sat – sat

slept – slept

smelt (smelled) – smelt (smelled)

sped (speeded) – sped (speeded)

spoilt (spoiled) – spoilt (spoiled)

spread – spread

stuck – stuck

stunk (stank) – stunk

swept – swept

swam – swum

swung – swung

thrust – thrust

wept – wept

wet (wetted) – wet (wetted)

Most Popular English Irregular Verbs

Everybody knows that in today's world we cannot do without a good command of English! Speaking English has been becoming more and more important for the last couple of centuries, for several reasons: it has established itself as lingua franca for any kind of international relationship and it is not used just for business reasons, but in any situation in which persons coming from different countries meet each other and need to communicate! Can you imagine? As of today, English is spoken by 1.5 billion people out of the world's total population of 7.5 billion people, this meaning 20% of them. Among them, 360 million people speak English as their native language, mostly in United Kingdom and Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries belonging to the British Commonwealth. Bearing in mind the irregular paradigms of English verbs is one of the first tasks a learner must carry out: this lesson is thought in order to help you succeeding in this and take your English to the next level!

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