Modal perfects - Los modales perfectos

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must have
The travelers must have lost their way.
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debe haber
Los viajeros debieron de haber perdido su camino.
may have
He may have bought a new car.
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puede haber
Él debe haber comprado un coche nuevo.
can't have
You can't have finished on time.
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no puede haber
No podías haberlo acabado a tiempo.
could have
They could have avoided it.
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podría haber
Ellos pudieron haberlo evitado.
couldn't have
you couldn't have done that.
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no podría haber
No pudiste haber hecho eso.
should have
I should have listened to my mom.
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debería haber
Debería haber escuchado a mi mamá.
shouldn't have
He shouldn't have spent all the money.
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no debería haber
Él no debió haber gastado todo el dinero.
I shouldn't have gone to that party.
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No debería haber ido a esa fiesta.
He can't have finished yet.
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Él no puede haber acabado aún.
You should have studied more.
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Deberías haber estudiado más.
They should have been happy.
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Ellos deberían haber estado felices.
I could have caught the 10 o'clock bus.
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Podría haber cogido el autobús de las 10.
They may not have been at home.
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Puede que no estuviera nadie en casa.

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