memory - idioms & expressions

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mieć pamięć jak sito (mieć słabą pamięć)
She ..., she even forgets what was said to her few minutes earlier
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have a memory like a sieve
remember a fact or circumstance and take it into account
Please ... to come back home immediately after school
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to bear/keep sth in mind
to reminisce over memories of past events, especially happy ones
I ... watching the photos from my childhood
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to take a trip/walk down memory lane
forget what one was talking or thinking about
I cannot memorize what I wanted to tell you, I...
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lose someone's train of thought
sth won't be forget easily because it...
The book I read last year ..., it was amazing
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remains/stays in someone's mind/memory
to be able to remember things easily and for a long period of time
I think he won't forget about it soon, he...
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have a memory like an elephant
to help someone remember something:
I don't know what other I can do to ..., I've already showed you all the photos and messages
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refresh sb's memory
during the time that anyone still alive can remember
Even many years has passed, he is still...
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in living memory
jeśli mnie pamięć nie myli
..., that was the homework
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if my memory serves me correctly
to be very difficult to forget
I am not able to forget about that situation, it...
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be engraved on sb's memory/mind
to study something carefully so that you can remember it exactly
I must ... all these informations ... before tomorrow's exam
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commit sth to memory
to preserve the image of someone or something in one's memory
I ... the image of him as a young boy
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freeze in memory
... our liberates as free citizens
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o ile pamiętam
... he was an asshole
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as far as I can remember
to not be remembered by someone
How is it possible that it ... again? I've told you about it hundred of times
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slip/escape one's memory
occupying someone's thoughts, even worrying
They ... all the time, I'm afraid they're taking a wrong turn
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be on sb's mind
forget about sth / forget to do sth
I totally ... we had to do it for today
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fail to remember
to make/help someone remember something
Maybe a short flashback will...
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jog sb's memory
someone you knew or something that existed in the past, that suddenly appears again or that you are reminded of it again
I had hoped he wouldn't appear never again in my life and then - surprise,...
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a blast from the past
to do something that you remember learning in the past but have not done recently
On Wednesday you will have to recite the poem...
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do sth from memory
doing sth (rather pleasant) that will be remembered fondly for a long time
At first it's just a place and then you start to...
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make a memory/memories
used to say that someone remembers things wrongly
He never remembers others names,...
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someone's memory is playing tricks on him
to be something that you will continue to remember
It shall be a day...
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to be etched in memory
can't handle memorizing sth
Even if I study history very hard, I...
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have no memory of sth
when something is remembered fondly and seems even hard to forget, it is...
Our last meeting is...
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deep in memory
remember things for a long time
I told him about it few years ago and he still remembers it, he...
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have a long memory

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