Marketing abbreviations

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objects, objectives, organisation, operations

customer needs, cost to user, convenience, communication

objects, objectives, organization, operations

product, price, placement, promotion

product, price, placement, promotion, people, participants, processes, physical evidence

ABC method
start learning
attention-benefit-close method

attention, interest, desire, action


business to business

business to consumer

business to government


consumer to consumer

computer assisted telephone interview

computer assisted web interview

closed loop marketing

content management system

cost per click

click through rate

data management platform

frequently asked questions

fast moving consumer goods

gross rating points

hypertext markup language

the law of one price

lifetime value

product life cycle

really simple syndication

search engine marketing

search engine optimisation

search engine results page

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats


uniform resource locator

values and life-styles

word of mouth

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