List of environmental issues

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What is the water pollution?
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Contamination of fresh water used for households needs, oceans, rivers, lakes and or water source.
What does soil contamination consist of?
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Human-made alteration in the natural soil.
What is the wildlife conservation?
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To protect wild plant and animal species and their habitats.
What is the air pollution?
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Introduction of harmful materials into atmosphere.
What is climate change?
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Change in global or regional climate patterns.
What ideology encourages the acquisition of goods and services?
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What is a dam for?
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To generate electricity or water supply.
What is an ecosystem?
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Biological community of interacting organisms and their environment.
What is mining?
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Process or industry of obtaining minerals from a mine.
What is nuclear energy?
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Energy released during nuclear fission or fusion used to generate electricity.
What is a substance which is discarded after primary use, or it is worthless?
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What substances created by plants are poisonous for humans?
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What is a natural disaster?
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Natural event that causes great damage or loss of life. Such as an earthquake, or an hurricane.
Deforestation is...
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The process of cutting down or burning all trees in an area.
How is called the action of fishing excessively in an area?
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