Lesson 2 11th March

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terraced house
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a house that is joined to the house on either side of it by shared wlla
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in a way that is very clear powerful and detailed in your mind
I vividly remember my first dat at school
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a light and pleasant wind
I let the gentle breeze cool ger face suuny but with a breeze
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the area that from the Edge of a town or city
The factory is in/on the outskirts of New Delhi
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to talk to someone in a friendly informal way
We chatted for a while until she aked me about job
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the power to see the future or to see things that other people cannot see
I don't really believe in clairvoyants and fortune-telling
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to hold something or someone with your hands arms or on your back and transport it
Would you like me to carry your bag for you?
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to confuse someone by being or doing something very strange or impossible to explain
I was mystified by her decision
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shape like a half ball
in spite of
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even though there is something unpleasant or bad happening
In spite of his injury Ricardo will play in Staurday's game
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feeling fear or worry
They seemed really frightened
I kept staring at done
especially when surprised
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looking at something for a long time with the eyses wide open
spot on
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exactly right
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person who is easy going no stress
weird evening
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spooky cooincidence
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happening at the same time
Human resources
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the department in a company that is responsible for dealing with employees, for example by employing them, training them, dealing with their problems, and managing their records:

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