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used to say that someone has a lot of work to do to achieve their aim, especially when you believe it will be difficult
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to have a mountain to CLIMB
a windy day
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a blustery day
a style of writing in which each letter of a word is written separately and clearly using the capital letters of the alphabet
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in block letters / in block capitals
Please print your name and address in block letters.
Has it been difficult? (indirect question)
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I was wondering IF it's been difficult.
When was our graduation? (indirect question)
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Can you remember when our graduation was?
a strange feeling that something, especially something bad, is going to happen
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a premonition
When Anne didn’t arrive, Paul had a premonition that she was in danger.
a belief that some objects or actions are lucky or unlucky, or that they cause events to happen, based on old ideas of magic
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a superstition
the old superstition that walking under a ladder is unlucky
influenced by superstitions
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Some people are superstitious ABOUT spilling salt on the table.
How can I help? (indirect question)
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Tell me how I can help.

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