Joburi IT - IT jobs

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consultant IT
Un consultant IT ar trebui să fie dispus să călătorească.
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IT consultant
An IT-consultant should be willing to travel.
inginer de software
Momentan căutam ingineri de software experimentați pentru biroul nostru de la Berlin.
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software engineer
We are currently searching for experienced software engineers for our office in Berlin.
arhitect software
Am angajat un nou arhitect software.
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software architect
We hired a new software architect.
industria IT
În ciuda crizei, situația din industria IT este stabilă.
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IT industry
Despite the crisis, the situation in the IT-industry is stable.
administrator de bază de date
Căutăm un administrator de bază de date pentru a ne extinde echipa.
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database administrator
We are looking for a database administrator to expand our team.
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