indywidualne konsultacje, seminaria

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konsultacje (na studiach)
start learning
one student or a small group, working closely with a teacher
In collages and universities are usually lectures, seminaria and tutorials.
pisać egzamin
start learning
take / do / sit an exam
I'm taking an exam online on Monday.
powtarzac egzamin
start learning
resit exam
takie an exam again because you did badly first time
Pupils had to resit English and Maths after theft 40 years ago.
zdobyć wysoka ocene na egzaminie
start learning
do well in an exam
get a high grade
I did well on Biology when I was in Gymnasium.
nie zdac egzaminu
start learning
do badly in
do not pass an exam
I did badly in fatherhood.
opuszczac zajecia
start learning
skip classes /lectures
I skipped classes in Musicology but I graduated.
egzamin na zakończenie szkoly
start learning
school leaving exam
The school-leaving exams are held in May/June. In England these are called GCSEs (age 16) and A-levels (age 18).
ukończyć studia
start learning
graduate from Uni
to get a degree
zajęcia wieczorowe
start learning
evening classes
studia podyplomowe
start learning
postgraduate studies
absolwent uniwersytetu
start learning
university graduate

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