In the street - Uz ielas

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How far is it?
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Cik tālu tas ir?
How long would it take me to get there?
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Cik ilgs laiks man vajadzīgs, lai tur nokļūtu?
I have to take two buses to get home.
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Man ir jābrauc ar diviem autobusiem, lai nokļūtu mājās.
also: Lai nokļūtu mājās man jābrauc ar diviem autobusiem.
Could you please repeat the directions?
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Vai Jūs, lūdzu, varētu atkārtot virzienu?
I have the wrong address.
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Man ir nepareizā adrese.
Do you know where there is a public phone?
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Vai Jūs ziniet, kur šeit ir taksafons?
What street is this?
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Kas šī ir par ielu?
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