In the street - Na ulicy

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Excuse me, could you help me to find this address, please?
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Przepraszam, czy mogłaby mi Pani pomóc znaleźć ten adres?
addressing a man - Czy mógłby Pan / addressing a woman - Czy mogłaby Pani
How far is it?
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Jak daleko to jest?
How long would it take me to get there?
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Jak długo zajmie mi dotarcie tam?
I have to take two buses to get home.
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Muszę jechać dwoma autobusami, żeby wrócić do domu.
Could you please repeat the directions?
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Czy możesz powtórzyć jak tam dojść?
addressing someone informally - this structure isn't gender-specific
I have the wrong address.
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Mam zły adres.
Do you know if there is a phone booth?
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Czy wie Pan czy jest tutaj budka telefoniczna?
Pan - Mr / Pani - Ms
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