At the airport - Na lotnisku

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Could you please give me a ticket for today?
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Czy mogę prosić o bilet na dzisiaj?
My flight has been delayed.
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Mój lot jest opóźniony.
I would like to book an economy class ticket to China.
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Chciałbym zarezerwować bilet do Chin w klasie ekonomicznej.
"chciałbym" is what men say, a woman would say "chciałabym"
The plane is on time.
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Samolot jest na czas.
The plane will be boarding in two hours.
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Boarding zacznie się za dwie godziny.
Where are you flying to today?
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Dokąd lecisz dzisiaj?
I'm going to Jamaica.
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Lecę na Jamajkę.
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