How to Say 'I'm home" and similar phrases - A2

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Today, I am staying at home.
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Heute bleibe ich zu Hause.
Are you at home? (informal)
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Bist du zu Hause? (informal)
We are not at home.
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Wir sind nicht zu Hause.
Today, I am eating at home.
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Heute esse ich zu Hause.
I work from home.
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Ich arbeite von zu Hause.
I left my driver's license at home.
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Ich habe meinen Führerschein zu Hause gelassen.
We forgot the present at home.
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Wir haben das Geschenk zu Hause vergessen.
I am going home.
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Ich gehe nach Hause.
Did she drive home?
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Ist sie nach Hause gefahren?
Last night, I arrived home at 10pm.
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Gestern Abend bin ich um 22 Uhr zu Hause angekommen.
I took your sweater home with me. (talking to a friend)
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Ich habe deinen Pullover mit nach Hause genommen.

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