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I started using VocApp 1180 days ago. I have 1 study days, and my study streak is 0 days. I am the author of 54 lessons. The date of my last visit is 2017-07-17 21:45:45.

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Verbs starting with the prefix ver- B1
The adverbs "gern" and "lieber" - A2
I am hungry. I am thirsty. I am full. etc. - A2
Articles der, die, das - A1
Vocabulary - Cloning - B1/B2
Funny Expressions Using the Word Pig - B1
Thank you in German - A1
Did you know that...? - Subordinate Clauses - B1
"holen" vs. "bekommen" - A2
Dative Case - A2
I don't know in German - A2
I don't have time and similar expressions - B1
How to Say 'I'm home" and similar phrases - A2
The verb "dabeihaben" - A2
Weltreise - Familie - C1
How to Express Pain - A2
Important Positive Adjectives - B1
Dative Case: Indirect Object - A2
English Words Used in German - A2
Going on Vacation, Taking the Day Off etc. - B1
Flying and Airports - B1
Sleeping - Vocab and Phrases - A2/B1
Decision-making - B2
mögen vs. gerne - A2
not yet, still not, nothing yet - B1
Making Appointments - B1
Phrases Related to Responsibility - B1
Have you ever... B1
Reflexive Verbs - Morning Routine - B1
Wohin - Wo - Woher - A2
Adjective Declensions - Accusative - B1
Adjectives with the prefix "un-" - C1
This is hard for me! - B2
The Verb "Funktionieren" - A2
Economy and Education - C1
Are you serious?! - B1
Expression an Opinion - B2
Business Vocab - Economic Crisis - C1
Study Vocab - B1/B2
Clothing - A1
Job Vocab - B1
lernen vs. studieren - A2
25 Different Ways to Say Goodbye - A1
Subordinating Conjunctions Part 2 - A2
Adjective Endings - Definite Articles - A2/B1
Adjective Endings - Nominative - Definite and Indefinite Articles - A2
Subordinate Clauses - B1/B2
Adjectives as Nouns - A2/B1
You don't need to... - brauchen + zu + Infinitiv - B1/B2
German Lesson (83) - How to Say "I Need to Improve My German!" - A2
German Lesson (92) - The Perfect Tense - Part 1: Regular Verbs - A2
German Lesson (93) - The Perfect Tense - Part 2: Verbs of Movement - A2
mitnehmen vs mitbringen - B1


iabdeljabbar3 wrote: 2016-03-13 20:05:52
We need more excersises for a2 and b1

ericksonmontenegro wrote: 2017-05-30 07:10:32
Thank you!

dbbelcher53 wrote: 2017-06-11 20:32:40
I just "discovered" germanwithjenny flashcards and think they are great!. Please keep adding whenever you can, as they are great additions to the learning videos. Dankeschön!

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