Health & illness vocabulary

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1. suffering from a disease or not feeling well [= sick American English]
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Mel was so ill that she had to stay in bed for a month
if someone is ____, part of their body is damaged, especially in an accident or fight
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hurt or injured
My neck felt stiff and my shoulder hurt.
if something or someone _____ you, they make you feel pain
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I fell and banged my knee, and it really hurt.
if a part of your body ____, you feel pain in it, for example because you have hit it or cut it, or because you are ill
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if part of your body _____, you feel a continuous, but not very sharp pain there [= hurt]
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My arms ached from carrying all the groceries.
a part of your body that is ____is painful, because of infection or because you have used a muscle too much
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My arms are sore from all the lifting
a health problem that you are suffering from which makes you feel ill
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a particular illness that has a medical name
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She contracted the disease while she was abroad on holiday
a lot of red spots on someone's skin, caused by an illness
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a purple or brown mark on your skin that you get because you have fallen, been hit etc
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She fell off her bike and bruses her knee.
pain that you get when your stomach cannot break down food that you have eaten
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a small hard swollen area that sticks out from someone's skin or grows in their body, usually because of an illness
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feeling unable to stand steadily, for example because you are looking down from a high place or because you are ill
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Sometimes I get dizzy at the top of staircases and escalators
an area of your body that has become larger than normal, because of illness or injury
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The spider's bite can cause pain and swelling.
a swelling on your skin containing clear liquid, caused for example by a burn or continuous rubbing
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if part of your body or your clothes ____, you have an unpleasant feeling on your skin that makes you want to rub it with your nails
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Pol. biegunka
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Pol. zaparcie
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Taking high doses of iron can cause constipation.
the feeling that you have when you think you are going to vomit
Pol. mdłości, nudności
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to recover from an illness, especially one that is not very serious is to _____ it.
pull through
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get over
an illness that is usually not serious and is caused by bacteria or a virus:
She was only just getting over the flu when she got a stomach bug.

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