Having trouble at the restaurant - Problemas en el restaurante.

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Pedí un filete poco hecho y este está hecho. Llamaré al camarero.
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I ordered a rare steak and this one is well-done. I’ll call the waiter over.

Me gustaría hablar con el encargado, por favor.
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I’d like to speak to the manager, please

No le cobraremos.
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We won’t charge you.

Llamaré al camarero para que se lleve esta comida. No es lo que yo he pedido.
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I’ll call the waiter over to send this meal back. It is not what I ordered.

No estamos contentos con el servicio.
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We are not happy with the service

Acepte mis disculpas, por favor.
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Please accept my apologies

A esto invita la casa.
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This is on the house.

Creo que nos han cobrado de más.
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I think they have overcharged us.

Creo que no me han dado la cambio bien. La comida cuesta 25€, les he dado 35€; pero sólo me han devuelto 5€.
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I think I have been short changed. The meal costs €25, I gave them €35 and but I’ve only got €5 back.

Parece que ha habido un error con...
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There seems to be a mistake with...

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