French sweets - les sucreries en français

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French sweets
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les sucreries en français

Small candies manufactured in the town of Vichy, flavoured with aniseed, lemon or mint. They have recognizable octagonal shape and are sold in old fashioned metal tins.
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les pastilles de Vichy (f)

Round-shaped confectionery made from chestnuts candied in sugar syrup. They can be eaten alone or used to prepare some desserts.
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les marrons glacés (m)

Long-shaped candies made from caramel and cocoa. They are available in several flavours. There is a humoristic phrase printed on each wrapper.
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les carambars (m)

Long-shaped pastry made from choux pastry filled with cream and covered with chocolate layer.
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l’éclair (m)

Small cylinder-shape cake with smooth, yellow centre and dark, caramelised crust. It is a speciality of the city of Bordeaux, south-western France
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le cannelé (m)

Little cookies made of two meringue biscuits joined together with a sweet filling in different flavours.
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le macaron.

Little crispy, shell-shaped cakes made famous by the writer Marcel Proust in his novel “In Search of Lost Time”.
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les madeleines (f)

Traditional confectionery in candy bars made of crushed or whole nuts and almonds, sugar or honey and eggs. It can be either soft and chunky, either hard and crispy.
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le nougat

Traditional French Christmas dessert which shape was inspired by an old tradition consisting on burning Yule logs during the Christmas eve. That is why this chocolate flavoured cake is log-shaped and imitates a log.
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la Bûche de Noël

French cake with caramelised fruits on the top (traditionally apples).
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la tarte Tatin.

French dessert made of egg yolks, sugar and cream. It has the consistency of smooth pudding covered with caramelised crust. Traditionally it has vanilla flavour.
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la crème brûlée

Small dough roll filled with chocolate filling, one of the most popular French pastries.
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le pain au chocolat

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